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Lag Reducing Tricks

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Lag Reducing Tricks Empty Lag Reducing Tricks

Post by Dd on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:34 pm

to reduce lag:
advanced menu
and un check the following

They will have not have an x next to them once you un check them

then go to
features and un check

flexible objects
foot shadows
They will have not have an x next to them once you un check them

if u want to get rid of your library inventory go to
debug settings
type in
noinventoryLibrary and set to true
it also helps reduce lag.

recommended viewers for playing
phoenix viewer, firestorm, gemini, singularity, hippo, Exodus, astra

in your preferences by pressing CNTRL+P then go to your network and folder tab
put maximum bandwidth all the way up
your disk cache size to 500 mega bites'

then go to preferences by pressing CNTRL+P select the graphics tab set the slider down to low, then check the box next to it that says custom, once u done that it will show more sliders down to towards the bottom, u then slide them all the way down , then click apply

to avoid spamming (if your a clicker) go to preferences by Pressing Cntrl+P then TEXT CHAT and set chat console to 5 lines and fade after 10 seconds.

back in Debug Settings type in

Precaschingdelay set it to .100
Nopreload set it true
purgeCacheOnStartup set it True
RenderAvatarMax and set it to 1-5

back in preferences CNTRL+P go to Audio and Video and disable streaming music
turn off media when you change parcels

then go to voice chat and disable it hit apply and your done

Now Last thing very important, do not hunt with your draw distance high, for those that don't know what that is the draw distance is what enables you to view however far u have it set to ,the default draw distance is 96 on all viewers, this is still to high for fighting even if you have a mega pc, I don't know how to turn it down on the new V3 viewer for sl, but firestorm and phoenix , astra u can type this in local
dd 32 or dd 20 or dd 10, I personally have it set at 10 some will even have it set to dd 2
in order to activate the command of dd (draw distance) you must go to preferences CNTRL+P then go to phoenix/firestorm then u will see a line of tabs, go to CMDLINE and at the top it will have a box to check that says enable usage of chat bar as command line
once done you can then even use "gth" to teleport up to 8192 meters in air or whatever distance u put in such as
gth 100
gth 600
gth 5000 ... etc....

flr to tp to ground

then something a lot of people don't know
if u look down u will see where it says
map to in a white box and under is a check box that says "use same position between sims"
once u enable that u can do this
map to u the ..... and it will teleport u to that sim at same position u was at in last sim
map to rawr
map to lovecats island and so on
only time it will send u to a different position is if the sim has a teleport point set
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